Staying On Track Through The End Of The Year

Oct 21, 2019

 by Danielle Ring


Staying On Track Through The End Of The Year

It all starts with Halloween.  All those candies just seem to be everywhere you go.  Then, the kids get a stash of treats the size of a Costco bag that just doesn't seem to end thanks to various trunk-or-treats, carnivals and trick-or-treating.

Up next, it's Thanksgiving before you know it.  Maybe a 'Friendsgiving' feast or two before that.

And, what? We're already having Christmas or other holiday parties?  Family get-togethers, work functions, social gatherings and parties fill the calendar until the New Year. 

It's no wonder many Americans have a difficult time staying on track with their nutrition and fitness plans the last few months of the year.  There's less free time in our schedules to work out and more time spent in situations where we encounter some of our favorite foods.  Plus, not everyone we spend time with may be as dedicated to their overall health and we'll find many people pressuring us to drink or eat a bit more than we would otherwise. 

Enter the infamous and dreaded holiday weight gain.

Not only are you throwing off all the progress you've made throughout the year, but researchers say that the fact many people also allow themselves to fall into these old habits year after year is what makes the weight really add up.

We encourage our CrossFit Awaken athletes to curb the unhealthy trend and stay on pace to reach your goals.  We've said it before and we'll say it again, consistency is key.

Now's not the time to let your membership go to waste, or worse yet, to give it up.  It's more important than ever to schedule your workouts into your busy schedules and make them a priority.  We understand that this is an expensive time of the year, but it's not worth saving a few bucks on the most important thing of all, your health.

Milton Stokes, Ph.D., of One Source Nutrition points out that if you fall into the holiday slump, there's only one person to blame: you.  Plus, he says, it's not like we need those extra calories by any means.... "Humans aren't bears. We don't hibernate." 

"After all, if you’re consistent in your exercise habits, there’s no need to change your eating patterns," he says.  "Unfortunately, many people spend their winters eating a bit more and exercising a bit less." 

Sure, you can indulge a bit (and we know you will), but just remember to get into the gym on a regular basis to hold yourself accountable. 

Another thing trick to help keep the weight gain at a minimum?  Throw out or give away any leftovers to avoid the temptation of eating all those mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie.    Also, keep in mind that many of the typical holiday foods will trigger bloating and water retention, making you feel even heavier.

What's more, try not to let this hectic time of year get to you mentally. Stress has been proven to actually lower one's metabolism, thereby making it even easier to gain weight. 

In short, try your best to avoid too many unhealthy temptations, stick to your workout routine and remember to breathe!

CrossFit Awaken's staff is here to help you out.  If you want to make sure your nutrition is really dialed-in and have even more accountability, be sure to reach out to Coach Danielle.  She offers proven nutrition counseling services in which she will customize your nutrition plan to specifically fit your lifestyle and schedule. If you are looking for that guidance and accountability, reach out to her at .