Consistency Is Key

Dec 17, 2018

 by Chris Brown


Consistency Is Key

When it comes to reaching your fitness, nutrition and other life goals, there's an important element all need: consistency.  It's a cliche dating back decades, but it's true... consistency is key.

Nutrition can be especially difficult to dial in.  There are tons of plans out there — and a lot of them can be great for some people, and awful for others.

But when it comes down to it, the "best" nutrition plan out there is the one that you can best stick to.  For one person, that may be strict paleo.  For another, it may be a modified version with certain allowances that keep them from falling off the diet wagon the moment they taste a sweet treat.

"It can be very difficult and it can be very confusing," CrossFit Awaken's Coach Chris Brown says.  "So what I would encourage you to do is find something that you can sustain for a long period of time; find something that you can see yourself eating for a long period of time."

Many people won't see the results they are craving instantly.  It often takes weeks.  However, we live in a society of instant gratification, and all-too-often we see people not getting results because they are simply not patient and decide to ditch one nutrition plan for another as the wind changes. 

"When people don't see some drastic change in their life or their body in a week, suddenly they are on to the next thing 'because this is going to work better than that'," Brown says. "The thing is that everything works if you stick with it long enough."

Rather than jumping from one trendy diet to the next, how about starting simple with consistently eliminating processed foods from your plates?  


And if you need help getting your nutrition plan in line, CrossFit Awaken is here to help.  Email to learn more about finding the perfect plan for you; a plan you can truly learn to stick to that will help you achieve your fitness and/or weight loss goals.

Remember, the sooner you start to be consistent with your nutrition, the sooner you'll get lasting results you'll be proud of.