This E-Book is filled with 15 easy macro-friendly recipes and desserts that taste great and that are healthy! 

It comes with ingredients, cooking instructions, and serving sizes. 

  • Eat healthy
  • Eat foods that taste great
  • Macronutrients included
  • Feed the whole family

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“The people are great and the gym itself is outstanding. I love the friendly competition that comes with this type of workout and my only regret is not coming to Awaken sooner.”

Joe F.

I was so scared to try these classes. I’m out of shape and not the definition of coordinated. But it’s ok. The trainers have a kick butt workout, and when I can’t do something yet, they have modifications for me. And they are watching to make sure I’m getting a great workout but don’t hurt myself. I never miss the workout because I’m not strong enough, there is always an alternative exercise. I’m doing things I never believed I could. Me! Crossfit! It’s crazy.


I love the atmosphere and how the trainers are there for you. They want you to succeed and get to your personal goal (that you have set for yourself). The warm welcoming vibe and encouragement at every class makes you want to come back. The "Lite" class is perfect for me. I get a great workout with a like-minded group where as regular gyms I would just feel stuck and uncomfortable.


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CrossFit Awaken is a fitness community built for the people, by the people.

We exist to help you achieve your goals!

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CrossFit Awaken is a fitness community built for the people, by the people. We exist to help you achieve your goals!

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