CrossFit Kids

May 14, 2019

 by Chris Brown

CrossFit And Kids: How They Can Benefit, Too!

The fitness regimen is not just for adults; both children and teens can benefit greatly from introducing CrossFit into their lives.

We talk a lot about the overall benefits of CrossFit and ways we can better ourselves as athletes. But what about those that are most important to us, our kids?

"CrossFit" might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you're thinking about helping your children live healthier lives; after all, we're inundated with school sports, organized activities and other "traditional" past times. Or, on the unfortunate inverse, some kids do none of these things, as more and more time is being spent in front of a screen of some sort.

At CrossFit Awaken, we welcome both kids (approximately ages 9 and up) and teens into our classes and are seeing a growing trend of juveniles stepping into our WODs.

"CrossFit Awaken workouts are always changing and we are always making sure everyone is learning new things and changing up the routine," Coach Chris Brown says. "This approach is not only great for adults, but teens and kids love it as well. Most children have a short attention span and need to be stimulated — making our CrossFit Style workouts great for them."

We're not saying we're going to throw a barbell loaded up with 100 pounds at your 10 year old. Rather, we're going to work with them with age and skill appropriate movements, starting with our "lite" regime, which focuses on bodyweight exercises and core stability work.

Our certified coaches keep your children safe. We teach them how to move safe, we watch their form and help them move with correct technique.

"A lot of people think that fitness is not safe for children but it's quite the opposite," Brown says. "CrossFit helps kids in many ways; not only helping them to improve in other sports they may play thanks to increased strength and endurance, but also in their everyday lives."

Thinking of getting your children involved with CrossFit? Here are 3 benefits for children to help you make up your mind:

1) It Gets Them Moving

CrossFit will get the kids off the couch and tablets and into a fun, active environment. Obesity is a serious problem facing our nation, and it's important we encourage and celebrate our youth for getting fit.

2) It Teaches Them Healthy Habits Early On

We don't just talk about the workouts. We put a large emphasis on also eating properly and fueling our bodies with correct nutrition. For the kids, this may be as simple as learning about making better choices in the school cafeteria.

3) It Helps Them Gain A New Community

Just as adult clients benefit from the Awaken community, our youth form great friendships inside our gym. We are all among other awesome moms, dads, teens, and kids whom we can befriend and look up to and train with. Awaken is a great community to be a part of — a place where we can all learn, grow, and become our best.

If you're interested in signing your children up for CrossFit here at CrossFit Awaken, please contact us for our special rates.