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I've battled my weight since 2017, after my surgery but more when I quit smoking cigarettes in 2018.  I've wanted to change since 2019. I joined a gym in December of 2019, they closed in the mid year of 2020, I lost my job and then joined this company called ItWorks and it was no good. The products make you feel full but dont help you lose any weight. In the beginning of 2021 I weighed 174 but then I got pregnant. End of pregnancy weight was 230. 

I never want be fat again. Period. I want to look good. I want to be healthy. I want it because I want to show people that just because you have a fat family doesn't mean you have to be too. The workouts push me to do things I would think to do on my own.  I'm most excited to  have my life back. I want to tell women that If they really want it they will make it happen! They are beautiful and ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!! They are not alone and they are deeply loved.




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The program gave me knowledge. It took the guess work out of nutrition. Knowing what to eat and when to eat to maximize my fitness was huge . The workouts were great . Challenging and a huge array of different types of workouts. Started seeing changes in areas of my body I didn't know could happen . 


My life has changed in many ways . First off I love the way I look and feel . I'm more social now . The energy is the biggest change . I have a very physical job and I work out 6 days a wk . I have plenty of energy left for all the activities I love doing on the beach weekends . Over all I really feel like a new man!



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Meet Andy

I have been overweight my whole life. I struggled as a teenager and as an adult. I've been as high as 285 pounds and my lowest was 190. When I joined, my hopes were that I would lose 20 pounds. Like most people I've tried many times to lose weight. So I when started this last journey I weighed 227 pounds which I was able to maintain for 10 years. Within two months of working out and eating right, I hit my goal of 20 pounds. I was blown away, I never thought that I could drop any lower than where I was. So once again, I change my goal to 20 pounds more. Could I actually hit my old lowest weight of 190? 


Every morning I would weigh myself and was so excited to see a new number on the scale. Within five months of starting and listening to the advice of professionals, I hit 173. I was so excited to get down to an area that I never thought was possible. Sometimes I would wake up and look in the mirror and couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was so emotional.  Now over three years later I have kept off the weight and I've gotten stronger. My confidence is better and I have a lot more friends I am so thankful for meeting Chris, Danielle. My life has truly changed.