Alvaro Arredondo

Awaken Athletics Instructor

CrossFit Level 1 Certification
USAW Level 1

How long have you been a coach at CrossFit Awaken?
I started coaching September 2018.

How long have you been a die-hard CrossFitter?
I first stepped into Awaken in August 2016 and fell in love with the CrossFit programming from Day One.

What inspired you to become a CrossFit coach?
Before joining CrossFit I had looked into becoming a personal trainer so I can help people in their fitness journeys, but once I saw what CrossFit had to offer to its athletes, I knew I had to become a part of the movement.

What has been your best coaching experience so far?
One of the best experiences that I have had is seeing the “Aha” moment when an athlete finally understands a movement or piece of a movement that they have been struggling with.

Tell us about the community at CrossFit Awaken.
The CrossFit community is a community filled with go-getters that want to be the best version of themselves by pushing themselves inside the box day in and day out. Athletes are also supportive of each other’s progress, which creates an excellent environment in which to grow.

What’s the most common mistake you see among new athletes at your affiliate?
One of the most common mistakes that I see new athletes commit is that they try to lift too much weight, or they try to go too hard during the WOD.

If you could give someone new to CrossFit just one piece of advice, what would it be?
Be patient and learn to love the process.

Would you share with us your favorite tip or cue that we might find useful to use in our training?
One of my favorite cues to keep athletes safe is, "stay tight." For most of our movements, staying tight helps keep athletes safe under heavy loads as well as helps them hit the desired for the movement being performed.

Do you have any success stories among your athletes you’d like to share?
I have two that come to mind. One was during a class where we had bar muscles ups programmed into the workout and Abraham was struggling getting himself over the bar. I talked to him and had him walk me through his process and I was able to pinpoint that he was not pulling his chest into the bar once he got his hips up to the bar. So I gave him a quick tip to pull in once he felt his hip reach the bar and sure enough he was able to perform the movement successfully. 

The second was during a class where we had power cleans programmed and Karen was having trouble making the movement flow. So, I broke down the movement for her and gave her a different cue to try once she past her knew which was pivot once you reach your knees and sure enough she was able to perform the movement in a more efficient manner.

If ‘Alvaro’ were a WOD, what would it be?
Muscle ups

What’s your biggest goal and what are you doing about it?
My biggest goal is to hit 180lbs on a squat snatch. I am currently working on my overall mobility, remaining stabilized overhead and making sure I fully extend to get the bar high enough to get underneath it.

What is your favorite cheat meal?
Ice cream and tacos.

What is your favorite movement?
Bar/Ring muscle ups.

What is your favorite thing to WOD in?
I love WODS that have running and some type of barbell cycling.