Why We Do 'Group Fitness'

Feb 10, 2020

 by Chris Brown


Every day, people around the world wake up, strap on their running shoes and head out the door for a solo jog.  Or they head to the closest gym to lift some weights and get in some cardio, all the while headphones in tow, not speaking to another soul the whole time.  And that works for them, at least for a time.

But then there are those who will find a great deal more joy — and overall gains — from working out in a team setting.

Over the years, working out in a community environment has become more and more popular, with all sorts of exercise options available.  There's cycling, dancing, yoga, pilates and more.  Millions of people will find their own niche; and for those who really want to push themselves and get fit while doing it, CrossFit may be their best bet.

If you're someone who finds it difficult to get the motivation to head to the gym alone, or if you need some extra accountability in your life to make sure you stick to an exercise routine for longer than a few weeks, group fitness is where it's at.

For those on the fence about joining a CrossFit gym or working out in a team setting, CrossFit Awaken Coach Chris Brown stresses the benefits of group fitness. 

"People work out harder in a group; they are inspired to push harder," he says.  "Their group supports then, builds them up and helps them get through a tough workout."

What's more, we at CFA believe that group classes can provide a social time you can look forward to, and a chance at getting out of the house to see a familiar face in a healthy environment.

At our gym in particular, you can find a "one-stop shop" for health and fitness for a busy person.  In just one hour a day, you can workout in a friendly, social atmosphere, to help keep you inspired at working towards your health and wellness goals.

And it's not just talk.  A study by the American Osteopathic Association found another major benefit to working out in a group: stress reduction.  The study says that group exercise "...lowers stress by 26 percent and significantly improves quality of life, while those who exercise individually put in more effort but experienced no significant changes in their stress level and a limited improvement to quality of life."

And this study in the Journal of Social Sciences says that if you're working out with someone you perceive to be in better shape than you, you'll push yourself even harder — a perfect fit for those who take a CrossFit class, where all levels of fitness coexist and work together, cheering each other on toward a common goal. 

And for those who may want a little bit of the group fitness, but some one-on-one training as well, don't worry.  We can always supplement your regimen with personal training sessions.

Still on the fence about working out in a group CrossFit class?  Contact us for your free consultation today.