The CrossFit Games Open

Jan 22, 2019

 by Chris Brown

The Open: An Introduction

If you've hung around CrossFitters long enough, you've surely heard about it.  The Open.  And if you've been CrossFitting for some time, you've likely done some of the workouts.   But if you're new to this fitness regime, listen up.  We're here with the basics of what "The Open" is all about.

The CrossFit HQ Journal describes The CrossFit Games Open as an event "where grassroots meets greatness."  The unique competition allows athletes to go head-to-head against hundreds of thousands of other athletes from around the world, each doing the same workouts for five weeks, in either scaled or Rx versions.

CrossFit says:

"The 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games Open is the largest fitness competition on Earth and an exciting showcase of the CrossFit community. Here, athletes like you, from all around the world, show up and push themselves further than they ever thought possible over a five-week period. Challenges, PRs and the unknown await."

This year, the Open begins on Feb. 21.  On that day, the workout for Week One will be announced, along with any modifications for those scaling.  Each Thursday for the next four weeks, a new workout will be announced.

Before the fun begins, those participating in the Open are encouraged to register online (for a small fee) to log their WOD scores and track how they rank.  Serious athletes — those who hope to use the Open as way of getting into the CrossFit Games — also must have their workouts videoed. Those men and women who place in the top 20 in their division will be invited to compete for the title of the "Fittest On Earth," joining the athletes who've won spots at the Games from other qualifying events throughout the year.

This year, there are a slew of new rules when it comes to qualifying for the Open, which you can read in detail in the official rulebook here.  You can also check out a break-down here:

As athletes complete the workouts (and perhaps re-do the workouts if they aren't happy with their first result) and log their scores, all eyes shift to the online leaderboard.  That's where the difference between doing just one extra pushup or deadlift could set you apart from hundreds of others.  For those registered, it's both exciting and nerve-racking to watch as the leaderboard changes.

The biggest thing about the Open to keep in mind is that anyone can do it, and you don't even have to register to take part on a non-competitive level.  Plus, you can do the workouts from practically anywhere — though many gyms like to make events out of it and get their athletes together to WOD and cheer each other on. 

Here at CrossFit Awaken, we will once again host our "Friday Night Lights" series and pack the house as we test our fitness together!  Some of your fellow members will volunteer to judge and count reps as the workouts are completed in several heats in this fun and friendly environment.

Following the Open, the CrossFit Games will begin in July.

The Open is coming and we can't wait!

Click here if you'd like to register.