Summer Is Winding Down: What do I do now

Aug 10, 2018

 by chris brown

How can it already be?  Back-to-school time is here!

If you were lucky enough to spend some extra time with family bonding over the last several weeks of summer vacation, you may have had to make some sacrifices when it comes to fitness.   A day skipped exercising here for the beach, a night not lifting weights to go see a movie, a week off there for a family trip out of town. 

But as the summer break winds down and the kids are getting up earlier to head into class, it's the perfect time to start dialing everything back into your routine, especially fitness. 

What will you be doing with the schedule change?  Your kids will be in the classroom improving themselves, so there's no better time than now to take care of yourself and set some new health goals. 

"The people that are the most successful in life, business, and relationships, are the ones that are constantly striving to reach their most optimum level," CrossFit Awaken's Coach Chris Brown reminds athletes.  "These are the people that wake up early, don't make excuses, and do what needs to get done in order to reach their goals." 

At CrossFit Awaken, we offer a wide schedule of classes that will fit your needs, starting as early as 5:30 a.m.  Come in and get your free back-to-school trial now!

-- By CrossFit Awaken Staff