Meet Coach Rudy Soriano

Dec 12, 2019

 by Chris Brown


Who has a love for art history, enjoys hiking and throwing up some heavy weight in a friendly competition?  Coach Rudy Soriano!

Whether you're new to CrossFit Awaken or been a member for years, there's a good chance there are some things you don't know about our great coaching staff.   This week, we sat down with Coach Rudy, who you will see teaching many of our classes throughout the week, so that you could learn a bit more about this awesome member of Awaken.

CFA: How did you first come to CrossFit Awaken?

Coach Rudy: Chris had posted an Instagram post looking for a part time coach and I took a leap and sent my resume. Ever since I got into crossfit I wanted to get more friends and family involved and change lives. CB and CFA gave me an amazing opportunity to do so.

CFA: What do you LOVE about coaching?

Coach Rudy: I love the breakthroughs. Helping someone reach that “ah-ha” moment where it finally clicks and they accomplish something for the first time. It is very rewarding.

CFA: What other things do you do for fitness? 

Coach Rudy: I like to test my fitness with obstacle course races, Tough Mudders and Spartan Races. Recently got into Olympic Weightlifting competitions, just qualified for a national competition next September in Vegas.

CFA: When not CrossFitting, what do you like to do for fun?

Coach Rudy: I like to play sports like baseball, softball, football. I’ll occasionally throw some horseshoes around with family or play some disc golf. I like to be outdoors and stay active. Always up for a good hike.

CFA: What do you do for work?

Coach Rudy: When I am not coaching at CFA, I am a Union Journeyman Carpenter, specializing with drywall and metal framing. Currently working on the expansion at the Morongo Resort and Casino

CFA: Tell us something that most people don't know about you.

Coach Rudy: I received my B.A. at UC Santa Barbara in the Art History, Emphasis in Architectural and Environment. I then went to Santa Barbara CC to get my A.S. in CAD/Drafting and Design. I planned on being an Architect before discovering CrossFit.

CFA: If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

Coach Rudy: Honestly, help out as many people as I can. I would love to have enough money so my grandparents and parents didn’t have to work anymore.

CFA: What has teaching others taught YOU?

Coach Rudy:  To have more confidence in myself and to be more outspoken. Coaching has been such a big step out of my comfort zone. Before Crossfit, I never thought I would be up in front of a class speaking and helping out people.

CFA: What do you do to challenge yourself in the gym?

Coach Rudy: I don’t like anything obstacle getting the best of me. Whether it is a movement or a weight. I like to push to failure because it makes it a new goal for me.

CFA: What is/are something(s) still difficult for you to do in CrossFit?

Coach Rudy: Aside from a shoulder injury that has kept me sidelined from a few movements, it has to be nutrition. Most days I don’t properly fuel myself for a workout or eat to recover after a workout.