How to get better at CrossFit

Jul 18, 2019

 by Danielle Ring

As CrossFitters, we are used to seeing a wide variety of WODs. Some of them play to our individual strengths and are a relative “breeze” to get through. But some days — more often than not — the stars do not align as such and we’re faced with a spicy workout that requires often as much mental willpower as it does physical strength and skill.

These days are what help define us. These days help us grow both in the box and in our everyday lives.

Here at CrossFit Awaken, we get the questions all the time of “How do I get better at these workouts ?” and “How do I not feel like I’m dying?!”

Well, one of the surest ways to help you improve is to consistently work on your weaknesses.

It’s also important that we are always preparing ourselves for the next horrible WOD, no matter what it may be. That starts first with our nutrition. (Read about healthy eating and meal prepping here.)

Next, make sure you are getting adequate sleep.

Mobility is another must to work into your routine. Be sure to incorporate stretching into your lives. (Read about the importance of stretching here.)

We also encourage you to come to the gym prepared with all the tools you may need for a workout— a weightlifting belt, knee wraps, tape, etc.

If you’re particularly tired on a given day, perhaps try a preworkout supplement. We even sell some at CFA you can try out.

And when it’s time to actually hit that challenging workout you’ve been dreading, don’t go into it without a plan. We encourage you to strategize how you’ll approach the movements. Will you break up the 200 double unders by sets of 50? Or perhaps sets of 20 might be more your style? Think about it, pick a number and stick to it. Of course, plans may change, but if you don’t try, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure from the onset.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to just keep moving. If you have to take a break, keep it short; look at the clock and make sure you’re not burning a minute just getting water.

And remember, by just showing up, you’re already miles ahead of all the people who didn’t make it through the gym doors today.