Back To School: Don't Forget Your Fitness

Aug 7, 2019

 by Chris Brown

It's that time of year again.  We're just days or weeks away from the kiddos heading back into the classroom (or perhaps yours have already started!).   Back-to-school time can change a lot of things — especially your schedule. 

We understand things may have gotten a bit relaxed over the last several weeks; after all you've been enjoying some extra downtime, perhaps indulged a bit more than normal in foods and drinks.

But now it's time to crack down, get back into a routine.  Some people will love that.  Some people will hate that.  No matter how you feel about it, we're here to stress how important it is to keep fitness in mind when it comes to that routine.

Besides school, your children may be heading back into organized sports or activities, which will also take a drain on your time.  Our advice here at CrossFit Awaken is to not let these things get in the way.  

We suggest creating a new schedule for both you and the kids.  Schedule your workouts into your day.  Lay it all out on the calendar and find a time that works for you.  Create reminders.  Alarms.  Whatever it takes to keep yourself on task.

This may mean that you'll have to exercise at a time that's not ideal for you — but remember that in the end it'll be worth it... especially when it comes to meeting your fitness goals.   And if you're a member of CrossFit Awaken, you'll find we have a wide variety of class times available, to ensure you can get in a workout as early as 5:30 a.m. or as late as 6:30 p.m.

We know many of you have families to take care of, but you'll be that much better at it if you're also taking care of yourself.