10 Essential Items For Every CrossFit Athlete’s Gym Bag

Jul 25, 2019

 by Danielle Ring

Walk into any CrossFit gym, and you'll hear the coaches talk about how important it is to be prepared for whatever the day may bring, WOD-wise. That's the foundation of what the whole CrossFit regimen is; to stay constantly varied.

These workout variations will require different pieces equipment, and sometimes individualized accessories. A CrossFit athlete's gym bag is their toolbox, and we want to help ensure you have all the tools that may be able to help you achieve your optimal level of fitness.

Whether you're a tenured client at CrossFit Awaken or you're new to the game (welcome!), here's a list of some of the essentials we believe you should have in your gym bag:

  1. Lifting shoes: Having a go-to pair of stiff-soled shoes designed for weightlifting will help keep you solid and balanced.
  2. Knee sleeves and/or wraps: These come in handy for anyone who may feel like they need a little extra support for their knees, especially when squatting heavy weights and going after those maxes. They come in a variety of thicknesses.
  3. Weightlifting belt: Again, this accessory is important when the weights start getting heavier. A belt will help you keep your form and avoid injury.
  4. Gloves and/or hand wraps: These can help prevent rips/tears on your hands and can help improve grip on things like rope climbs or pull-ups.
  5. Jump rope: Though most gyms will have a stock of jump ropes on hand for you to use, if you really want to master those double-unders and get as efficient as possible with jump-roping, it's great to have your own. When you purchase one, it will be cut to fit your height just right. It also saves you time from trying to find one that works before a workout.
  6. Wrist wraps: These are great to have on hand for doing things like handstands, handstand walks, front squats and thrusters -- things that may put added pressure on your wrists. You can get them in plain, basic colors... or find super fun patterns on websites like Etsy.
  7. Tape: Taping up your thumbs or fingers before a workout can help prevent blisters from forming.
  8. Change of clothes: For the men, an extra t-shirt and shorts should always be in your bag. For the ladies, try to leave an extra sports bra, shorts, shirt and athletic pants.
  9. Headphones: Working on some accessory movements on your own or headed out for a jog? It's nice to have some headphones handy.
  10. Running Shoes: We all love our Nanos, but they are not the best for workouts that are run-intensive. If you have a solid pair of running shoes, you can help prevent painful shin splints on running workouts.
A few things that might not be necessary to have on hand, but are an added bonus to include your gym bag include:
  • Your own bag of chalk
  • Pre-workout and post-workout supplements and a shaker cup
  • Tall (knee-high) socks for rope climbs
  • A first aid kit including some ibuprofen
  • A foam roller and a tennis or softball to help roll out any tight muscles
  • Mini tripod or phone stabilizer so you can record your WODs and learn where you need improvement

Do YOU have anything in your bag you think all athletes should include? Let us know!